Join our group

Our lab group welcomes people of all races, national origins, gender identifications, sexual orientations, and disability statuses. We strive to provide an academically enriching and supportive climate so that all members of our group can thrive and succeed. Several of our group members participate and lead work within the UW Geoscience Diversity and Inclusiveness (D+I) Committee. More information can be found on the UW Geoscience webpage.

We currently do not have funding in hand to support new graduate students or postdocs. However, if you are a prospective graduate student or postdoc who is interested in writing a proposal for a fellowship application to work in our group, we would be happy to talk with you about potential collaborations. Please contact Annie directly at and describe your research interests and background.

If you are a prospective undergraduate researcher or visiting scholar interested in joining our group or visiting our lab, please contact Annie (

For prospective graduate students, more information on applying to the UW-Madison Department of Geoscience can be found here. If you do not have the financial resources to pay the application fee, please contact Annie. If you are concerned that you do not meet the requirements listed on our webpage, please contact Annie to see if an exception can be made. The application deadline for Fall admission will be at the start of the preceding January.